Solo Products Certified for Compostability by ASTM Standards

Solo Cup Company has received ASTM D6400 and D6868 standards certification for the following products:

  • Bare® PLA Compostable Consumer Cold Cups
  • Bare® PLA Hot Cups
  • Bare® Paper Cone Cups and Funnels
  • Dry Waxed Paper Water Cups
  • Bare® Clay Coated Paper Plates
  • Wax Coated Paper Cup
  • Wax Paper Deli Containers
  • Bare® Compostable Paper Containers
  • Paper Souffles
  • Popcorn Cups
  • French Fry Cups
  • Munchie Cups®

ASTM certified products will compost 90% within 180 days at 135° F. ASTM is a globally recognized association of more than 30,000 scientists and engineers who develop global consensus technical standards and the methods for testing. For more information on ASTM, visit