Solo Products Accepted by Cedar Grove Composting

Solo has received certification for the following products which are accepted by Cedar Grove Composting:

  • Bare® PLA Compostable Consumer Cold Cups
  • Bare® PLA Hot Cups
  • Wax Coated Paper Cup
  • Wax Paper Deli Containers
  • Dry Waxed Paper Water Cups
  • Bare® Clay Coated Paper Plates
  • Paper Souffles
  • Grease Resistant Paper Products
  • Creative Carryouts® ECO ™ OctaView® Hinged PLA
  • Creative Carryouts® ECO™ Expressions® PLA

Cedar Grove Composting is the Pacific Northwest’s leading organic recycling company. They transform grass, leaves, yard trimmings, food and wood waste, and compostable single use foodservice products into nutrient-rich compost. Cedar Grove also conducts compostability testing on products. All items submitted for testing at Cedar Grove must have previously received certification from Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)  indicating the product’s compliance with ASTM D6400 (for plastic products) or ASTM D6868 (for coated and uncoated fiber products).

Please visit Cedar Grove's website to learn more: