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Solo® Heavy Duty Paper Plate FABs

1. Contemporary Designs

Fun prints and bright colors make any table, lap, or picnic blanket look great.

2. Leak and Cut-Resistant Coating

Great for messy foods.

3. Deep Well Design

Steep sidewalls add strength and reduce spills.

4. Gravy Well

That little dip along the inside edge helps contain messy foods.

5. Pleats

Those little pleats on your plate? They make our plates stronger.

6. Compostable

Compostable in a commercial composting facility.

Brunch with your besties. Lunch with the kids. A casual weeknight dinner on the patio. Bring out the Solo® Heavy Duty Paper Plates!

Sizes Available:

7 in (48 count)
9 in (44 and 94 count)
10 in (22 and 55 count)

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