Q: What is Solo Cup Company's position on environmental sustainability?
A: We are committed to providing customers with cost-effective, high-quality products – while working toward sustainable solutions that optimize materials and energy, maximize the use of renewable or recycled source materials, and have optimal product lifecycles. Solo works to educate customers by providing information about the various materials used in single-use packaging as well as the trade-offs involved in using those materials. We believe this information will empower customers to make educated choices that best align with their priorities.

Q: What has Solo done as a company to be more environmentally sustainable?
A: In addition to introducing and expanding our Bare® by Solo® product line, we engage in many other ways as a company to promote sustainability.

  • We continually make operational improvements that increase our efficiency and reduce our footprint.
  • We form unique marketing partnerships to help build consumer awareness and drive higher recycling rates. Our partnership with the Chicago Cubs is a great example!
  • We work with national partners such as Keep America Beautiful to support their efforts and educate people around the country about more sustainable choices in single-use foodservice products.
  • We get involved in our communities through employee volunteerism to help keep our neighborhoods and public places clean and green.

Q: How does Solo ensure that its supply chain is also environmentally responsible?
A: We hold our suppliers, wherever their location, to the same standards as internal manufacturing. We conduct third-party quality audits of all our suppliers and ensure their regulatory compliance. Companies from whom we procure finished goods are required to complete third-party certification. Solo's local Quality/Procurement representatives perform unannounced site inspections and Corporate Procurement visits supplier sites semi-annually.