Hand holding crystal clear 9 oz SOLO Cup with wide mouth opening

Plastic Clear Cup

- 9 oz

Young adults gather around a kitchen island for a wine tasting using 9 oz clear plastic cups

Product Description

Our 9 oz clear plastic cups are just as eye-catching as the drinks, snacks and desserts inside. The wide-mouthed shape is great for making desserts or serving wine and mixed drinks at any gathering. These crystal-clear cups add an extra touch of class to any event.

Whether you’re enjoying cocktails on the back patio, wine tasting with friends, or a Tuesday family dinner, this cup is the perfect serving. Best of all, these cups make cleanup easy so you can enjoy more time with the people you love.

Perfect for

  • Serving drinks, dips and desserts
  • Showing off layered appetizers or puddings
  • Decorating with a DIY party light ball

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