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You seek the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of our time. Launched in the 1970’s, our original 18 oz SOLO Cup featured lines that roughly equaled 1, 5 and 12 ounces. These lines mean something different for everyone! For some, it means a responsible pour at their next tailgate. For others, it means a more secure grip as they man the grill at the BBQ. And for our littler fans, it means they can stack and unstack our cups into a pyramid without them sticking together. Today, our party cup has no lines. Whether it’s lines, grips, or a square base, one thing our cup always means is good times are on the horizon.

Our products are built for optimal usage in your daily life! However, every microwave is different, and foods/beverages have various prepping techniques. Our SOLO Paper Dinnerware is microwave safe for limited reheating of food. Other SOLO products are not intended for microwave use. For more detail on all our product claims please view our Product Information.

Recycling of all consumer-packaged goods are dependent upon your local recycling center’s capabilities. For more detail on our products recyclability, please view our Product Information.

Currently, our SOLO Paper Dinnerware is compostable in commercial composting facilities, and we are working diligently on making all of our products more eco-friendly. Please make sure you have one of these facilities in your area. SOLO Paper Dinnerware is not suitable for backyard composting. For details on which products are compostable, please view our Product Information.

We encourage you to check out our available positions and apply for those you're interested in: dart.jobs. Good luck!

You can always find our most current promos here: HUBSPOT PROMO PAGE. We do not mail any coupons or samples upon request.

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