Hand holding a small 12 oz to-go coffee cup with a patterned paper cup and black lid

Paper Hot Cup with Lid

- 12 oz

*Cups and lids are not intended for microwave use.

Kids, mom and grandma baking cookies and enjoying coffee from a 12 oz hot to-go cup with a lid and fun colors and design

Product Description

Keep your drink hot and your hands cool with these paper hot cups with lids. Your coffee, tea or hot drink of choice stays the perfect temperature until you’re ready to drink. A reclosable lid prevents spills, and the fun trendy designs are sure to turn heads as you travel. Not to mention, these are made from 95% plant-based renewable resources!

Perfect for

  • Serving up hot cocoa for winter festivities
  • Keeping warm at early-morning tailgates
  • Taking your morning coffee on the go

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