8.5 in Heavyweight Paper Plate


- 8.5 in

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8.5 in Heavyweight Paper Plate Print Option 1 8.5 in Heavyweight Paper Plate Print Option 2

*Color availability may vary between stores and online retailers.

When using a microwave, please limit only to re-heating food. Exercise caution before removing the plate from the microwave.

These products are only compostable in commercial composting facilities. Please make sure you have one of these facilities in your area. These are not suitable for backyard composting.

Sandwich on heavyweight paper plate

Product Description

SOLO® Bold Hold™ Paper Plates have MAX strength and hold up to the messiest of meals. These 8.5-inch plates are perfect for hearty lunches and everyday needs. Choose from two creative designs to make an impression at any gathering. The SOLO Bold Hold line is strong and stylish to serve any dish, from fried chicken to spaghetti and meatballs!

Perfect for

  • Family brunch
  • Potluck dinners
  • Pizza Parties